Finally a pooper scooper that makes dog clean up quick and easy.


The Poop Shovel is simply the fastest and easiest dog pooper scooper to use.
No gimmicks and very well made. A simple, lightweight, one hand operation.
There are no bags to buy or put on every time you use it.  Just scoop and go!

Easy to use, no gimmicks.
Light weight, only 15.8 ounces.
Padded foam grip, PVC handle.
No moving parts or springs to break.
Weather proof, excellent UV properties.
Tough ABS injected plastic, easy to clean.
Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.

About The Poop Shovel™:
Designed for efficiency, ease of use and durability. Many people have tried the other various poop scoop designs available and often go back to the basic shovel. Our modified shovel works even better. By engineering a smaller head size and increasing the angle to 45 degrees, we found it is perfect for scooping. The ultra light weight makes it a one hand, quick and easy operation. Designed by dog owners who wanted a device that simply works. 

Width:      5.5"
Length:     42"
Weight:    15.5 ounces
The shovel blade is a durable injected ABS plastic.
Shaft is constructed from a rigid PVC thick wall tubing.
The grip handle is made from Durablend
foam, UV resistant.
Total weight is under a pound. All materials are very weather resistant.

The Poop Shovel™ retails for $14.95 on line. (plus shipping)
Currently, The Poop Shovel™ is only available on line. Not available in stores.
You are ordering direct from the manufacturer and getting the best price.

You can order directly from this website or buy through Ebay.
The price is the same, $14.95 at either web site.

Depending on where you prefer to shop, and which card you want to use, follow the links below to order The Poop Shovel™.

1.  To order directly from our website:
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Shipping Information:
Shipping will be USPS Priority Mail postage.
You will use a postage calculator upon checkout for Ebay. You only pay for actual shipping charges from the USPS.
When ordering directly from this web site, there is a flat $5.00 shipping fee to anywhere in the U.S.
There are no other packaging or handling fees.
(We prefer to use Priority Mail for a 3-4 day delivery time frame)
We ship within 24 hours of receiving payment, Monday through Friday.
Currently, we only ship to the USA.

Poop Tips
    As strange as it may sound, this is actually a very helpful tip for keeping your Poop Shovel™ clean. Using this tip will make your shovel or any other pooper scooper you are using virtually scrub free of any buildup. It also provides a more slippery surface for poop to slide on and off of your scooper.

1. Fill a bucket large enough to have your scooper head sit in with some soapy water
2. Make sure you elevate this so your pet can not drink from it. (VERY IMPORTANT!!!) Otherwise, you may not be picking up so solid of poops. Some dogs will drink soapy water if you do not elevate it out of their reach. So please, take some precautions. Your pets safety and health should always come first.
3. Simply leave your shovel or scooper in the bucket after use so it is ready for it's next call of duty.

Customer's Testimonials:  

Thank You to all of our customers for the positive feedback emails.
We are very proud to have delivered an excellent product to our customers and we feel their comments speak highly of what we sell.

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Photo Gallery:

The simple combination of a smaller shovel head at a 45 degree angle, the feather weight design
and ideal handle length makes this a great tool for cleaning up after your dog.

The ABS plastic shovel head is what car bumpers are constructed from, very strong material!

Ultra light weight, less than one pound. This poop scoop makes clean up a simple one had job for anyone.

Very easy to use and gets under bushes. The shovel head corners work great for getting into tight spots.

Warranty Information:
Our goal was to manufacture a lightweight yet quality dog poop shovel. 
We have taken great pride to have kept all of the designing, manufacturing, labor and materials 100% in the USA.
Should you have any reason to not be 100% completely satisfied with your Poop Shovel™, please return it to us for a full refund of your purchase price within 30 days. 

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